Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) Ocean Energy

ORJIP Ocean Energy is a UK-wide collaborative programme of environmental research with the aim of reducing consenting risks for wave, tidal stream and tidal range projects.

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About Cookies on Orjip

Website Cookies

A website cookie is a piece of text that a website can store on a user's browser for later retrieval by the original website. For example, a web site might generate a unique ID number for each visitor which is stored on the users machine as a cookie file. Cookies cannot carry viruses and are not malware.
To read more about Cookies visit AboutCookies.org (note: this is an external website link which is not affiliated with Orjip).
Your web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) should have options to show you all the cookies stored and will allow you to delete some/all of them as you wish. You may also fully disable cookies through your browser settings should you so wish to.

The Cookies stored by Orjip

The following list information about the cookies which are set on our website. If you wish to reject or delete any of these cookies, please consult AboutCookies.org for browser specific information on how to do this (external website link which is not affiliated with Orjip).

Our Cookies

  • has_js:  This cookies stores information about whether a user has javascript enabled, allowing us to present information in an appropriate way.

Third Party cookies

At Orjip we are continually improving our website according to how our visitors interact with the information on it. In order to assist us with this we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service from Google. All Google Analytics information stored is collected anonymously.
If you would like to read more about the cookies stored by Google Analytics, visit the following page (external website link which is not affiliated with Orjip). Alternatively, if you would like to fully opt-out of Google Analytics cookies, you may use the following link: Opt-out (external website link which is not affiliated with Orjip).

Google Analytics Cookies

  • __utma : Keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site pertaining to the cookie, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred.
  • __utmb and __utmc: The B and C cookies work together to calculate how long a user visit takes.
  • __utmz: keeps track of where the visitor came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked on, what keyword was used and their basic geographical location.
For information on how to reject or remove any of these cookies read Google's Privacy Policy (external website link which is not affiliated with Orjip).