Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) Ocean Energy

ORJIP Ocean Energy is a UK-wide collaborative programme of environmental research with the aim of reducing consenting risks for wave, tidal stream and tidal range projects.

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EIA Tools

The tools on this page have been designed to streamline the environmental impact assessment and consenting process for marine energy projects. Click on the titles of the tools to link to the tools themselves.

If you have any feedback on the tools listed here, or know of additional tools or resources that should be included on this page, please contact us on ORJIP@aquatera.co.uk.


IMPACT Assessment Tool

IMPACT is an online tool that has been produced by Aquatera on behalf of the Scottish Government. IMPACT provides a searchable database of the potential impacts of wave and tidal energy developments, depending on various parameters such as the technology type and environmental variables. This allows users to identify the potential key environmental impacts associated with wave and tidal energy developments and to access guidelines and recommendations for how best to assess, monitor and manage these impacts.


Management Measures Tool

The Management Measures Tool was developed by the OES Annex IV Programme and ORJIP OE. In consultation with researchers, regulators and developers at a workshop in May 2017, a number of criteria were used to develop a tool of management measures that can be used to manage the potential environmental impact of wave or tidal energy developments. The database can be filtered using a number of different parameters such as technology type, stressor and receptor.